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Blog Consulting

We offer professional personal and business blog consulting and set-up. We create blogs with your particular needs in mind. We customize the look and feel, help you promote it, and all you have to do is type away! Blogs are also an alternative to building a small website.

Here is just a brief introduction to blogs:

What is a blog?

A blog is an online diary or journal where bloggers (people who blog) share their thoughts, opinions, funny stories, photos, commentary, and more. Over the last couple of years, blogging has been one of the fastest growing areas of the Internet.

Is blogging difficult?

No! The beauty of blogging: It's very easy! If you can use email, you can blog. All you have to do is log into the back-end content management system with your unique username and password, and start typing. It's that easy. You do not need any technical or web design skills whatsoever.

What do you do with a blog?

Many bloggers simply discuss what they are passionate about. If you love fishing, technology, photography, or any other topic, we can set up a blog that suits your needs. Once set-up you can let the world know what you think about it!

Blogs are powerful

Personal and business blogs have become so powerful that the news and other media have taken notice. Bloggers get the truth out because they link to each other's blogs and share facts. News media can no longer control the information and are running scared. In fact, news channels such as CNN Headline News now frequently cite blogs as sources of legitimate information. Blogging is by the people for the people.

Business blogs are changing the way people invest

Personal and business blogs have become so powerful that the news and other media have taken notice. Business blogs in particular have begun to shape what people invest in, for example. People flock to business blogs written daily by industry analysts to help them make key business decisions.

Blogs can make you money!

Blogs that have a lot of readers can earn advertising income. It's easy to set up your blog to make money and we will show you how or set it up for you.

We offer custom blog set-up

We will consult with you to develop your blog and set it up according to your needs. This includes adjusting the look and feel of the blog to give it an appropriate atmosphere for your readers.

Blog promotion

Of course we help you promote and market your blog. One way we do that is by building search engine optimization into the blog. We also show you where to get your blog listed, how to find niche blogs in your field, and so that you get increased exposure.

Blog hosting

We can set up a blog with your current hosting company but we also offer blog hosting at a very reasonable price.

Contact us today and we will help set-up a custom-made blog.

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