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Conversion Tracking

If you aren't keeping track of who is visiting your website, what they do when they get there, and how it relates to your lead generation and sales, you are doing a great disservice to your Internet marketing efforts. 

Why bother even having a website if you aren't keeping track of who is using it? We use web analytics to track visitor behaviour and make professional recommendations that will increase your return on investment.

Website Analytics

Website analytics are methods used to examine your website visitors under the microscope. We use various tactics to find patterns in user behavior. Some of the questions you want to know with respect to your visitors are:

  • What page did they land on to enter your site?
  • Did they leave right away?
  • What path did they take through the site?
  • Did they come from Google? Paid ads on Yahoo? A banner ad on another website?
  • A LOT more!

Report Writing

We guide our clients towards the best analytics programs currently available and more importantly, we either teach them how to use it or create reports for them. Our website analytics report writing services include the details you want to know. We have a lot of integrity and tell it like it is. If your website isn't generating the leads you want or expect, we go so far as to make professional recommendations in our analysis to change the status quo.

How Do You Track Visitors?

Well, for one thing, it's not by counting "hits." In fact, the number of "hits" to a website is such an artificial number that within one day, we could artificially increase the number of hits to your website by a million. We're much too honest for non-sense. We give you the straight facts without smoke and mirror tricks.

Phone Call Tracking

One of the many options we have is to set up phone call tracking services so that you will always know where your lead came from.

Live Customer Service

We can install a live customer service box right onto your website. Chat with potential customers live while they visit your website.

It's All About The ROI!

Return on investment (ROI) should be one of the driving forces behind your Internet marketing efforts. We work with you to see how well your website is converting visitors into buyers.

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