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Text Editing & Copywriting

We offer professional text editing, proofreading, and content writing for the business world as well as educational needs. Our specialty is generating appropriate, search engine friendly website content.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Get Us Writing For You

(1) You Benefit From Our Experience: Our writing team has collectively written over ten thousand pages of content.

(2) Breadth & Depth: We write text that is researched and written to show a wide range of understanding of your products and services.

(3) You Need Originality: One of the biggest fears of companies just like yours that hire web content writers is that the text was copied verbatim from somewhere else. We guarantee to provide you with 100% unique and original text.

(4) Increase Your Credibility: Empty websites don't sell. You need content-rich information to entice people to get interested in what you have to offer. Professionally-written text can make your website work as hard as you do.

(5) You're Reading Point #5: If we got you to read this far down, imagine what we could do with your website visitors! We compelled you to read our top 5 list, so what's stopping you from contacting our writing experts right now? Contact us today!


Text Editing for Websites

It's a fact that websites with spelling errors and poorly developed text are perceived as having less credibility. We can help you overcome these text-related issues. We have post-graduate level professionals who will check your work for typos, poor grammar, and structural problems. Contact us with your specific project. 

Common Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes in website content production and other forms of text generation include:

  • The main idea of the page is not clear and obvious
  • Content is poorly organized and distributed across the site or document
  • There is a lack of headings so readers cannot easily skip to the section they want
  • The main page lacks useful information and guidance to the rest of the site
  • Instructions for joining dynamic services (such as newsletters) are unclear
  • Graphs are poorly organized and do not highlight or enhance the point
  • Meta-tags, alt-tags, keywords, and related information is inappropriate
  • There's no call to action
  • The text doesn't sound "sales-y" enough

SEO Copywriting

Not only do we provide professional SEO copywriting services, we include a complimentary keyword analysis to ensure that your website copy brings in the most possible visitors while not sounding ridiculous.

Our clients benefit from experienced, published, and professional SEO copywriters who supply countless pages of text that bring in their next sales lead. Don't get fooled by people claiming to be experts.

For example, if your website sounds like the following, your visitors will think your site is odd and it reflects poorly on your business:

"Our widgets are the best widgets because we are the #1 widget provider in the world."

Furthermore, this tactic worked well until around 2005-2006, at which point the search engines (especially Google) updated their algorithms to account for such non-sense. Never forget that over-emphasizing your keyword terms can get your website penalized or completely banned.

You can get the most out of your website copy by hiring us. Our proven techniques have stood the test of time for a reason! Contact us to get started today.

Translation Services

We also offer translation services.


We will proof read your work. Studies show that everyone makes typographical mistakes (typos) whether or not they are a high school freshman or a university professor. We can also provide feedback as an external opinion.

Students & Academics!

Academics and researchers frequently require a second opinion on their work. Moreover, we can help you organize your papers for conference presentations and publication.

Students with the highest grades get accepted to more graduate and professional programs. Don't get left behind! Why lose points on an essay just for spelling mistakes? College and graduate school are more competitive than ever. You need to build your resume (Curriculum Vitae / "CV") to increase your chances of getting in. We'll help you write a sound letter that highlights your accomplishments and career aspirations. Contact us!

While we are based in Montreal, we have completed work for companies in Boston, New York, California, Toronto and other areas.

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