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Corporate Education & One-on-One Tutoring

Private Lessons

Learn how to use your computer, different programs, or enhance your Internet experience with one-on-one lessons! If you simply want to surf the net and get an email address, we can advise you on the different plans that are available, such as AOL or Earthlink. 

We can also teach you how to maximize your Internet searches, perform online banking, send scanned pictures to relatives around the world, and create your own free basic websites. 

Group Seminars & Lectures

There are numerous advantages to being online, many of which you may not yet realize. We will train teams of your company's employees on Internet use and related applications.

Corporate Tutoring

We will teach you the basics of your computer. Lessons can be goal directed such as the creation of a file for a specific project or more general. Beginner to advanced are welcome. Enhance your corporate experience with lessons in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Windows, Adobe Photoshop (for picture editing), scanning, and other software.
If you're tired of waiting for others to show you how to do things on your computer, contact us! Looking for 'that file somewhere on the computer'?! We will teach you organizational and navigational skills so you never get lost on your own computer again!

Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction is a growing concern among researchers, mental health practitioners, and the general population. sponsors research in this area and can lecture on the topic. We have lectured at major universities and companies on both Internet Addiction and the power of the Internet for educational, commercial and private uses.

While we are based in Montreal, we have completed work for companies in Boston, New York, California, Toronto and other areas.

We also recommend that you check out the photo restoration, graphic design and digital photography pages for more information and samples.

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