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Custom QR Codes

Uniseo QR Code ≈ View More ≈This is your chance to stand out in a sea of black and white dots and dashes! QR codes provide a fun way of sharing online information from an offline medium by employing mobile device technology. They are similar to domain names in today's mobile Marketing environment.

QR codes are commonly located on printed marketing material. When scanned by your mobile device, you are granted access to additional information on the product or service advertised by the marketing material in question. This introduces a new level of interactivity and engagement to your offline Marketing campaign!

We can design attractive, original qr codes for you, without affecting scanability. Get codes that blend in with your existing brand and campaign image, or request a code customized according to specific requirements.

Not only will you get functionality and a design that does not conflict with QR Code standards, you will also capture your target market's attention.

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