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Press Release Writing & PR Distribution Services

Press releases are powerful marketing tools. We offer writers, editors, and distribution services for newsworthy press releases (pr). Use pr services to bring more attention to your business, whether locally, on a national or international level. Global syndication means your news has the potential to be viewed by hundreds to millions of readers.

Professional Press Releases

Professional press release writing is different from your friend writing a paragraph of news. It takes understanding and creative regarding who you are writing for as an audience. Our press release writing is done in a way that generates excitement about your company or organization.

Not only do business owners (frequently one and the same) rarely realize the potential of press releases but they lack the experience and do not take advantage of expert press release writers.

SEO and Press Releases

Few are aware of the synergy between search engine optimization and press releases. Press releases are valuable tools in the marketing world and for online publicity. They are sometimes called news releases because their headlines and content typically involve major announcements regarding businesses and organizations.

All press releases that we write, edit, and distribute are produced with the search engines in mind. In fact, for some new websites you may find that the press release comes up ahead of your company website in the search engine! We can easily explain why, just contact us for a free consultation!

Our Press Release Distribution Services

Our press release distribution services are among the best in the industry. With a global reach of about 80,000 news media outlets, journalists, freelance writers and news rooms, your news will get noticed. Each press release that we issue has the potential to be picked up by NBC, Yahoo News, Google News, and many other important media outlets.

PR Ideas

If you want to get easy marketing promotion for your business or organization, but do not currently have any ideas, we can help! We have worked with small businesses and corporations to generate ideas for publicity. Popular areas of focus in distribution include business, arts & entertainment, finance, computers, consumers & shopping, education, legal, health and medical, sports, government, gaming, technology, religion, society, trade, telecommunications, transportation, travel, and architecture among others.

Make announcements regarding the promotion of an executive or other staff member, show off your company's financial gains and expansion, discuss the latest innovative product release, company mergers and acquisitions, website launches, medical breakthroughs, book releases or industry shifts just to name a few. You can include photos and videos with your online press releases.

Our professional press release writers have issued releases for companies based in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Oakland, Vancouver, Long Beach, Los Angeles, among others.

We urge you to contact us for more information on writing press releases and pr distribution services.

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