Established 1999     Celebrating 14 years!

An Experienced Company with a Professional Edge

foundedover a decade agoRedstoneXquickly becameLegendary Our company offers a wide range of services to better serve our clients. Team members are experienced, educated, conscientious, and professional. We work hard and bring the highest standards of work to every project. You are welcome to read about our company's growth and development since 1997.

A History of High Quality Workmanship and Excellent Customer Service

The history of is forward-moving spiral of progression. After launching a small website in 1997, the company became "official" in 1999 and is now a leading creative force in website design and development, search engine consulting and optimization, digital photography and related imaging services, and other areas.

The Early Years

Our early company philosophy was "Everyone needs to be online. Not everyone knows it yet." Armed with that statement, we initially set out to design websites that would cater to private individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and organizations.

During the early years, much of our work was commissioned by small businesses and universities. The university connection was due to a close relationship with academic departments at major institutions of higher education.

Additional developments during the company's early years include becoming certified by the Center for Imaging Arts and Information Technologies (1999) and the sponsoring of research on Internet addiction and its correlates (2001).

Expansion of Services

Over the years, clients continually asked us for more digital services and we complied by expanding our expertise using popular software to further help our clients and maintain our positive business relationships. We are a proud company and provide ethical services with the highest levels of integrity and know-how.

The company witnessed a large website re-design and expansion in 2003 in which our focus broadened to include other areas of expertise. While initially founded as a website development company, an expansion allowed us to offer more specialty areas.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, feedback, or would like to become another satisfied client.

Internet Experts

Although we were one of the only website design and development companies to build extremely user and search-engine friendly websites through the late 1990s, it was as recent as 2004 that the terms "search engine optimization" and "SEO" were becoming increasingly known. While they remain relatively unknown web design terms, particularly in the business world, our team set out to develop a new approach to web development. Increasingly in demand, it brought our focus back to website development, this time with a distinct focus on SEO as an extremely important specialty. With an increasing number of large corporate clients, our vision is clear with an eye toward the future.

Always Looking Toward the Future

The current incarnation of RedstoneX is not only that we represent a leading Montreal web design and website development company, we are digital experts, professional consultants, offer award-winning writing, and we just make it look easy! We are always looking ahead to adopt the most important trends and bring these to our clients.

Our team will continue to produce creative works for a wide variety of projects. We are reliable, attentive to your needs, and take pride in a job well-done. Our clients are located throughout the world, in cities such as Boston, San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Denver, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Vancouver, Portland, and many more. Our commitment to excellence and intelligent approach to the projects with which we are involved will give you an edge in today's competitive markets.

Mission & Philosophy

trust us no company is more dedicated is a client-oriented company, with a focus on delivering the highest quality services. Our team pushes the limits so our clients can benefit. Always looking forward, we are committed to fostering and developing successful business relationships.

With a commitment to excellence and paying sharp attention to the quality of our work and services, perfectionism is our only acceptable standard. We form partnerships with the best companies - those who are equally passionate about supporting businesses in our rapidly expanding technological world.

We aim to be friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of our expertise. Each experience is analyzed and adjustments are continually made to maintain the highest standards. Implementing the best means our clients benefit by achieving their goals and increasing profitability.

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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Us Working For You

Our company is successful because we are qualified, experienced professionals who work with the highest standards and integrity. The secrets of our success lie in our expertise, without sacrificing our friendly customer service.


    We're a Leading "Go To" Company

    You have problems that need to be solved. We are educated thinkers who analyze and solve client dilemmas. We are your "go to" source for answers to the endless questions that you have had, have now, and will have regarding your Internet presence. What is it worth to you to get instant answers from experienced experts?


    Our Beautiful Web Designs

    Dated, confusing, and ugly websites won't sell your products and services. We challenge you to review our web design portfolio and find designs that you don't think are original, vibrant, appetizing, and exciting. After that, contact us to get started.


    We Go Beyond Client Expectations

    We don't merely deliver exactly as planned, we add that extra touch and go the additional mile. You'll know it's there when you see the end results. We care about your business and understand that giving 110% is the only way to succeed. It's no wonder we attract clients from all over the world!


    We Encourage Interactions with Clients

    We establish client relationships whether you need a small portion of our services or would like to develop a long term plan. We listen to you and work with you to prepare a customized plan of action that suits your needs and deadlines. We have nothing to hide and try to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible through all of our dealings.


    We Make It Look Easy

    We seamlessly coordinate our services and take the "hard parts" out of your hands. We recognize that you shouldn't have to struggle to achieve your goals. For example, developing a website can be an intimidating task. Our team is composed of expert web consultants, graphic designers, database developers, Internet marketers, copywriters and other professionals which make the entire process merge into a streamlined path.


    An Intelligent Approach

    It's a competitive market out there and we approach our work with a unique intelligence. We ask the important questions regarding business objectives, target audiences, and the message you want to get across.



    We excel at integrating ideas and being creative. We draw from a multi-disciplinary team to bring the most to every project. Moreover, we are certified by the Centre for Imaging Arts and Information Technologies.


    A Record of Proven Success

    We offer affordable, sophisticated yet elegant-looking products. Our work is carried out with a touch of class and we have an incredible record for getting exceptionally high placement in search engines meaning you benefit from lots of visitors to your site. We have built dozens of successful websites and hundreds of thousands of people visit these sites weekly.


    A Commitment to Excellence

    We are committed to producing excellent work that would only pass tests of the highest quality. All team members are university educated and are used to working hard to achieve the best results.


    You're Reading This Far Down

    Seriously! We've compelled you to read our top 10 list, so what's stopping you from speaking to an expert right now? Call today!

Our Partners

We partner up with a variety of leading web-service companies to ensure you get the best quality at a desirable value.

  • Uniseo

    Uniseo is our search engine optimization solution for your website's optimization needs.

  • Priority Meeting

    Priority Meeting provides web conferencing services.

  • Nuvocore

    Nuvocore is our in-house Content Management System specifically designed for optimized website building thanks to the user-friendly seo features.

  • Mail Prince

    Mail Prince is an email marketing service that allows users to send out bulk email "blasts" to clients to boost sales. It was built with a web 2.0 look and feel.

  • WordPress

    Enough said.

Value Added Benefits

By working with our clients before, during, and after their websites are up and running, we ensure that they reach and surpass their web-related goals. As a client, you get value added benefits such as:

The Latest Techniques

Our clients are kept aware of the current thinking in web promotion. We strive to stay up to date so you don't waste your time. For example, "Search Engine Submissions" is an antiquated method which is mainly used by companies that remain stagnant in their marketing methods.

Pro Strategy Consultants

All of our clients have access to our experienced Internet strategy consultants who provide ongoing professional support.

Easy Updates

Many of our plans include ongoing website updating options to ensure long-term relevance. We make website maintenance easy so you don't have to worry about basic changes.*


*Some restrictions may apply.
Contact us today to get the most out of your online marketing efforts.


We are always on the lookout for talent individuals to join our team of professionals. We typically hire professionals from the Montreal area. We are an eco-friendly green company in the sense that you don't have to come the central office every day just to be there. We also recognize that different people are able to display their talents better at various points throughout the day and night. Why limit creativity? We offer flexible scheduling. We are currently only looking for part-time professionals.


Graphic Design & Web Design Positions: We look for creative web designers who can take some basic direction and produce high quality work. If you know how to incorporate colour, themes, gradients, textures, curves, shapes, and more, we want you! Graphic illustrators are more than welcome! Look at some of our custom web design info and work to learn more.

Web Developer: If you have experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, CFM, ASP, MySQL, Servers, and so on, send in your CV.

Copywriter: We only hire people who have creative ideas and experience in writing for a broad array of topics. SEO copywriting is especially in demand.

Internet Marketers: We are looking for people with Internet marketing experience, including but not limited to SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO, SMM, and others. Link building experience is also a major plus.

Interns: If you are a student looking for a field placement, we may be able to help. We offer an apprenticeship-type of placement where you will work one-on-one with a senior member of our team.

Basic Criteria

In order to work and integrate best with our team, the following are required:

  • You have integrity
  • You can think for yourself
  • You are innovative
  • You can work independently
  • You are honest and trustworthy
  • You are accountable
  • You are professional
  • You have references to prove all of the above

How To Apply

Read over the above several times. Sleep on it. Prepare a resume or CV, a link to your website, or samples of your work, and brief bio. Visit the contact page to send it in.