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SEO E-commerce & Search Engine Friendly Shopping Carts

There is a lot you need to know about modern day e-commerce. For one, it's growing and expanding on a daily basis. As you read this, another website is launching with the intent of selling goods and services through the Internet.

Before you begin to grab hold of your piece of the virtual pie, there is a lot you need to know about selling online. We provide professional strategy consulting to both established companies and future businesses on a regular basis. Our experience speaks for itself and we encourage you to get in touch with our team of experts.

E-commerce Websites

If you are searching for a company to develop your shopping cart, don't look any further. We build websites that sell.

In case you haven't noticed, most shopping cart websites are incredibly ugly. There are two main reasons for that. First, it's difficult to incorporate a nice design with shopping cart technology.

Secondly, web website developers are not the same as web designers although many pass themselves off as such so when you often a get a "techie" who knows relatively little about design, and even less about Internet marketing.

We have the solution to these two major dilemas: We custom build attractive search engine friendly shopping carts that inspire confidence and sell your products to target market visitors.

E-commerce Shopping Cart Solutions

Every single online store has different needs and requirements. If you intend to sell one, two, or even dozen products, you should speak to us about your options. In many cases, you probably don't even need an elaborate virtual storefront.

Nonetheless, it is important to develop a website that is user-friendly and able to sell your products for you. Always keep in mind that your store will be open to the public around the world every single day, even while you sleep.

Why You Need a Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart

If your website isn't marketable, no one will buy from you. If you are developing a store, you need search engine optimization and more specifically, a search engine friendly shopping cart. Building a non-search engine friendly shopping cart is the biggest mistake you can make. Contact us for more information.

One other very important factor to keep in mind is that many people will tell you that their e-commerce system is good for search engine optimization but they will fail to inform you that a lack of consulting by an experienced professional regarding the SEO process can you harm your website.

SEO is part art and part science and a search engine friendly shopping cart is the first major hurdle you must overcome in your attempt to make sales online, but there are more.

Cool E-commerce Features

There are seemingly countless features that we could build into your shopping cart. Here are just a few of the options our there:

  • Create discount coupons
  • Affiliate programs
  • Sales tax calculators
  • Product review capabilities
  • Sell digital goods functionality
  • Merging with accounting programs such as Quickbooks
  • Timed sales
  • Integrated shipping
  • Manage your own website without relying on us

Check out some samples of our work by clicking here. We have worked with companies around the world including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Australia and many more locations. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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